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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seeds, magical seeds

I just received my order from Botanical Interests. I didn't buy too much from them -- starting seeds and successfully seeing them though to true "plant hood" has been somewhat of a challenge. So I'm going with the "easy" seeds this year.

Carrot Asian New Kuroda -- I chose this one because it indicated that it's "one of the sweetest carrots your will ever eat." (First year for growing carrots)

Bean Bush Tavera (French Filet) Organic Seed -- I chose this variety because it is a bush bean (I'm just not sure we have room for a pole bean) and because it had french in the description and I knew what they meant by haricots verts. (First year growing beans)

Cucumber Marketmore Organic Seed
-- These were new this year and they just screamed "I'm delicious and easy to grow!!" So I bought them. These will be trained to grow up a trellis. I've not decided if I'll start them inside or just wait until it's warm enough outside. (Second year growing cucumbers, first time from seed)

I also purchased a packet of the
Real Shady Mixed Seed in hopes of turning what was an overgrown area into a pretty area of blooms. We shall see!