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Monday, March 16, 2009

Things to never plant -- Sweet Gum Tree

I inherited a Sweet Gum tree with the purchase of my first home. Last summer it had big, green spherical seed pods. And in the fall, the foliage was beautiful. But then winter came and the interesting green pods are now brown and spiky.

And the seed pods are making a mess in my back yard!

They are prickly and hurt my feet when I'm walking around in flip flops.

In addition to this, a large branch fell out of this tree last fall when we had some strong windstorms. At some point before I moved in, the tree lost it's trunk. It's a wonky tree with lots of stubs because it's close to the house, many branches have been trimmed back.

I think the sweet gum tree's days are numbered. And it's a small number.

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