Trials and tales of a not-so-advanced gardener--both in the dirt and beyond.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Walk around the Block

Took a quick stroll up the street this evening. I saw that several of the yards have huge amounts of vibrant blue scilla basically covering large parts of their yard. I assume that after they've bloomed, grass will fill in the open spots. Naturalizing with spring bulbs is fairly easy to do since they multiply nicely without much care. I've seen this done with crocuses or grape hyacinths (muscari).

First Post! Recent happenings outside

I figured blogging about everything that is happening in my yard (and sometimes with me)would be a good way to keep track of where I have certain plants, what works with them, and when they bloom.

I'll record successes and many failures along the way. Hopefully there will be many pictures to share as well.

Over the weekend I finally had some time and (somewhat) cooperative weather, albeit overcast and windy, to get to work outside. I spent most of the time Sunday cleaning up leaves and sticks from last fall/winter. Sadly, I uncovered a few bulbs that have been under the weight of too many leaves and have lacked sunshine--hopefully they will still bloom. I also purchased some pansies and violas for the planters to get some much needed color.

Saturday was spent pruning my wisteria vine. After reading several articles (including this one, which I really like), I've done what I think is best for this monstrosity--including pruning the roots last fall and pruning over half of it this weekend (I cut back a good amount of previous growth as well). The goal is to get this thing to bloom. I think the only other thing is to fertilize with some phosphate and potassium-rich fertilizer.

I do have some dwarf iris (Iris verna) blooming, though. And they seem to be better this year than previously.They are so close to the ground, but a great pop of color in an otherwise drab spring. Some crocuses are blooming, too. And the daffodils are getting buds.