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Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Build a Compost Bin (and it's cheap, too!)

Aside from the compost tumbler, I need another location to "store" lawn, garden, and kitchen waste to make beautiful compost.

Enter: the compost bin.

I wanted something durable (the old homeowners left a compost area of deteriorating chicken wire and metal rods), but not too expensive.

Here's what I used for my compost bin:
  • 4 wooden pallets (thanks, Mom!)
  • 2 metal "L" brackets
  • 3 metal hinges
  • 1 gate hook
  • several screws
First I cleared the area. Then I put two pallets at 90 degree angle. I secured them with metal "L" brackets.

One bracket on top and one on bottom on each of the sides. Four in all.

It looked decent with just the 3 sides. But I wanted to have a hinged "gate" on the front.

So I added a pallet on the front and raised it a few inches to ensure that it would swing freely. The front pallet is attached with 3 hinges.

Here is a view from the side to see how high the front was raised. This is supported with a concrete paver on the ground.

And here is the final product, with lots and lots of fun yard things inside. The front latches to the side with a simple hook and eye closure. I can open it easily and use the pitch fork to stir things up a bit.

All together I spent less than $20 on all of the hardware. The pallets were free. It took me less than an hour (all together) to build.

*Note: it will save you some time and energy if you drill pilot holes in the pallets before drilling in the screws.

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Gardeness said...

Nicely done. I always think these look better than the plastic getups I have. I bet you'll get lots of black gold out of this, too.