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Friday, March 20, 2009

I made compost!

Last summer, I built a compost tumbler out of a trash can. I added all sorts of fun things to it: grass, leaves, dirt, spent plants, food waste, etc, etc. I added a few things over winter as well, but things didn't get moved around too much since it was cold.

This week I finished the compost bin (a future post, I promise!) and I decided to see just what was in the compost tumbler. After digging out some leaves, what was left of the Halloween pumpkins, and a few other bits and pieces, I saw it: COMPOST!

I always wondered how I would know it was ready. How will I be able to tell it's compost? What will it look like? How long will it take?

Well, it was obvious what was ready once I got to it. In total I have about 1/2 of a trash can. So far I've used some to amend soil that was dug up where I am creating a new vegetable bed. I used the amended soil throughout my flower beds.

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