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Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Plans for 2009

Spent some time this weekend thinking about the veggie garden this year. As you may remember, building new raised beds is amongst the big leftover projects of 2008 (building a new compost bin is another one).

I'll be going from one bed to two and from roughly 80 square feet to 120. And while I wish the
raised beds would have been completed last fall, I know that it will get done early this year because I have big plans for the vegetable garden in 2009. BIG PLANS! Well, big for me.

Here's a lovely sketch (kudos to Jason for getting my paper into digitally recognized content) of those plans:

So here we have the sketch (and a key on the right). The two new raised beds will be approximately 6' by 10.5' each. And they will be full of veggie goodness. I'm hoping that we've allotted enough space (but not too much) for all of this.

More on this soon!


DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Looks good! You'll have plenty of room for all kinds of yummies! I love it when I get a plan together (even better when a plan comes to fruition:)

Jon said...

talking in person is overrated... make sure you have a way to access the interior of the beds with out compacting the dirt... that's the reason the square foot gardening dood recommends 4 ft wide. You can reach any area of the bed from the side that way.

Jon said...

ahoy-hoy Green Thumb Guthrie!

Lookin' good, friend--lookin' good (pat on the rear)!
Mmmmm... i smell lots of alfresco goodness with this plan... but where are you planting the beer seeds??? :D

Mystic said...

I am putting in the raised beds myself this year, 3 of them measuring 8'L X 4'W X 10"H. I am very excited about it. I like that you were able to display your plans.

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