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Saturday, April 26, 2008

When it's all worth it

Earlier this week, I came home one day after work and it was one of those days when you know the work you do is all worth it.
It was a perfect day--warm, sunny, not too hot, and plenty of flowers blooming in the yard. On this spring day, I was particularly proud of my spring bulbs and knew that all of the hard work of digging, separating, and re-planting last October was worth it.

These pictures don't nearly do it justice, but hopefully you can get a sense for what it looked like. I was particularly happy with the tulips on this day. The daffodils are almost all done at this point--wilty and brown. But all of the tulips looked great! There are still some buds to come, too.

Other happenings on this nearly perfect day included reading in the hammock and a walk around the block with Whitney (we made sure to stop and look at other people's yards, too).

Not sure what these guys are, but I have a couple in the "extra" bulbs bed.

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