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Friday, April 4, 2008

I've made my order

I got sucked into the deal from Michigan Bulbs--I made an order of $40 to save $20. Mom picked out a couple that she wanted, including the Barlow Mixed Columbine (also called Granny's Bonnet--it looks like two flowers combined into one) and Coral Bells. To the order, I added strawberries, Golden Marguerite Daisy, and Bush Delphinium. They were all buy 3, get 3 free so it seems like a good number of plants for ~$30 (including shipping).

I tried to order these online, but there was a problem with the coupon code. They took care of me on the phone, though. I'll be interested to see how large these plants are, if they are bareroot or potted, and what they look like when they arrive. Previously I've only ordered bulbs from catalogs.

Speaking of which, today my Twinkle Toes arrived from Breck's--these were part of my fall order. Had I realized before ordering that they need to be lifted in the winter, I probably wouldn't have ordered them. I really don't like needy plants. Having to dig them up (also called lifting) in the late fall is under the category of needy in my book. But maybe they'll be worth it. Based on the pictures from Breck's, they look like they'll be fun flowers. (I'll take a picture of mine when they bloom for comparison.)

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