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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Delicious Smells

This week has been the best for opening the windows (well, it was, at least, before it got too chilly). Here's why: the lilac bushes a blooming! And, my are they doing it well. This year they got to bloom and smell and everything--where as last year a terrible frost came and destroyed the buds. They've grown to be almost as tall as my upstairs windows, so the spring breeze made my house smell wonderful.

I even cut some and took it to work. Co-workers were happy to look at the tulips and smell the lilacs. This is a change as they typically complain about gnats flying around (supposedly from my potted plants). **On a sad note: I had to say good bye to two lovely indoor plants this week. One just never looked the same after vacation and all of the leaves were droopy and yellowed. The other had spider mites--something I wasn't ready to deal with. I took them to greener pastures and wished them well.
I'm starting to get antsy about buying plants. I know I shouldn't I need to wait until after I move. There is no reason to do it now...but every time I pass a garden center I hear them calling me. They keep telling me to come and buy them! I've already picked out a couple of amazing house plants at Habig's in Nora. I won't blog about them until I have them in my possession, though.
Update on the seedlings: many have died, many have starved, many have been cut at the throat due to space constraints. I know this is all for the best in the long run, but it is sad to have to see them go. I think we're going to need some pots for planting before the big move.

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