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Friday, April 18, 2008

What have I done!?!

First, the good news: tulips have appeared! Pictures will be posted soon.

Bad news: So I took the domes off of the plants earlier this week and they seemed to be doing fine. Last night I came home to check in on them--the pots were dry, half of the seedlings were wilty, some were brown. I think I just killed a large number of my seedlings--I just didn't pay enough attention.

Instantly, I went into panic mode. I grabbed water, grow lamps, and the plastic domes. I've recreated the sanctuary that my little guys were so used to in hopes of keeping some of them alive.

I've been so preoccupied this week with the stress and anxiety of buying my first home that I let these guys suffer.

Speaking of adding stress to life---here are a couple of things I have to consider regarding "the move" which is supposed to happen late May:
  • Which plants to take from the rental...I've spent tons of my own money on my flowers (mostly bulbs) in my yard. Mom thinks I should leave everything there; everyone else says I should take them. But what to take and what to leave is a difficult choice. Ensuring that they won't die in the move is important, too.
  • What about my seedlings? It will be after the frost date, but do I put them in bigger pots, harden off, put in the ground--all before leaving and then take them with me?

Aside from moving all of my stuff, I have to consider moving all of my plants as well. Oh..there is so much to do in 6 weeks!


Carol said...

Hi Kristy,
On your seedlings, I would not put the domes back on, just remember to water daily, make it part of your routine. Depending on what seeds you've started, I'd definitely take them with you when you move.

The bulbs? Daffodils might be worth moving, tulips would not be worth it.

Your first house, very exciting!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Kristy "Greenthumb" Guthrie said...

Thanks for your notes, Carol. Why not take the tulips? Just curious--that's what I have the most of!