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Monday, May 4, 2009

New plants for me!

I recently acquired several new plants through various means and I am pleased to share some of them with you...This lovely bleeding heart was a present to myself. I've been looking for one and this one just so happened to be right in front of me as I was entering, of all places, Kroger, my local supermarket. I've found they have some gems from time to time.

This was a fun find for me at the Indianapolis Museum of Art's annual Perennial Premiere. There were many plants that I was familiar with, but some very new and unusual plants as well. I found this cordylis lutea and loved it. It's great for shade, which is what I have the most of...

I also saw a Heuchera 'caramel'; it was beautiful but a bit rich for my taste (they only had one size: BIG) -- I'll try to find it elsewhere, though.

Finally, my neighborhood had a plant swap this weekend. It was great fun! Each person brought some plants to spare and share and the hostess even allowed us to take some starts from her own garden.
Besides the bee balm pictured above, I got a few irises (white and a yellow), a beautiful variegated hosta, and a geranium among a few others.
I think we're going to do this semi-annually (in the spring and the fall) and perhaps a neighborhood garden club will grow from this.