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Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - May 2009

May is when things really start picking up around this Zone 5b garden. I've almost made it through one complete year at this house, so I'm still finding new gems (and some that are not-so-gem-like) that were left by the previous owner(s). Slowly but surely the gardens become more of me and less of them. Here are some thing I found blooming...

Many "firsts" happened this week:

The first peony -- our state flower.

The first blooms opened on the clematis vines. I'm not sure of the name of this pink one, but I really like it.
The first perennial geranium, barely peaking out of the foliage.

The first irises. I love the smell of irises--it reminds me of helping my neighbor in her garden as a child. (Anyone know the name for the bi-color bearded iris above?)

Other blooms have been around for a week or so...

Lily-of-the-valley lurks underneath the lilacs.

Huge alliums bloom balls of purple.

The azalea has several blooms this year.

One of my favorite blooms tells me that raspberries will be here soon!

And now we come to wonderful blooms for which I have no name -- any help is appreciated here!Interesting, almost neon purple-blue flowers with a black base.

Large bush that within a few days went from nothing to spectacular!

And finally, I believe these a bulbs, perhaps related to crocuses as they have similar foliage. These tiny white flowers I've found in the herb garden and near some peonies.

Happy Bloom Day to all -- may the next month be full of beautiful blooms!


lili11 said...

Beautiful flowers. I love the iris. Most of the flowers you posted are purple. I like purple flowers. And, blue, too! ahhh ... I like all sort of colors on flowers. Beautiful! I had my first GBBD up already. Come and see them. They surely are different from most of what you have in the USA.Blossom Blooms

NellJean said...

Happy Bloom Day. I wasn't sure to which of your entries I was supposed to respond, so I picked this one. I think one of your unknowns might be Nigella.