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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Tear was Shed

Last night I headed back to the old homestead to pick-up a few things. To my chagrin, but not to my surprise, the old garden is in shambles. A tear was shed.

Now don't get me wrong: this was a rental property and I did leave my flowers there (to be dug up later) when I moved out about a month ago.

No less than half of where I used to have flowers has been mowed over--day lilies, coreopsis, hostas, ivy, mums, irises, peonies....these are all things I know were there, but are no longer. Last year, the same guy cut down the rose bushes while they were still flowering!

Now, the part that hasn't been mowed over is basically a weed bed, not a flower bed. Oh there are lilies, salvia, cone flowers, and alliums peeking their heads out from the drudgery, but it doesn't look good.

I'm conspiring with the neighbors (the ones who face my old place) to do some work once I get my plants out of there. As of right now the plan involves, a lot of digging, newspaper, mulch and ground cover. The plan will be fleshed out in entirety at the housewarming over many pints of delicious keg beer.

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