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Monday, July 14, 2008

Craft time: Scarf canopy!

So this project is from the summer when I broke my foot (broken foot occurred during the epic weekend in Nashville, when Noah and I visited my friend Laura).

Nevertheless, it's a fabulous craft DIY project.

What you need:
Assortment of scarves (mine was a patchwork so I wasn't too particular)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Fishing wire
Needle (with an eye large enough for the fishing wire)

Steps to make this fabulous creation:

1) Arrange the scarves how you'd like for them to fit together. I tried to make it so I would cut as little as possible. I also hung mine over a twin bed, so make sure it's wide and long enough.

2) Cut the pieces so that they fit together with about 1/2 inch over lap.

3) Hot glue gun time! Go slowly; complete an end before adding any length.

4) Once all of the pieces are assembled, determine where you would like your "hanging points." Again, mine was over a bed, so I put the canopy on the bed (like a blanket) and found the corners. Stitch a piece of the fishing wire through the canopy (it's best if it can go through the seam where 2 scarves meet).

5) Tie a knot in the fishing wire and hang. I used small plastic hangers from 3m (the ones with the sticky piece that can easily be removed). The canopy will look like it is hovering over the bed, since the fishing wire is clear.

This is my finished project--some are more transparent than others, some are patterned and others are solid.

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