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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2009

Here we are, already half-way through September. There are a ton of faded blooms and annuals that keep on giving. Here are just a few of what's blooming where I am.

Tall grass -- not exactly a showy bloom, but very fun.

Celosia -- grown from seed, thank you very much!

Japanese Anemone -- I love how they look like balloons before they bloom!

Other things still blooming:
Butterfly bush
Orange Cosmos
and more!


Mary Delle said...

Grasses are fun when they bloom. Those look like they were caught in a breeze or laying down after a rain.

Sylvana said...

I love that soft pink/lavender with the whites in these photos. Very nice.

John said...

Japanese Anemones are one of the best fall bloomers and very few people grow them! Go KG!