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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thinning plants back for a new water hose

I was recently gifted a new watering hose, so I bought a spiffy container to keep it rolled up nicely. It was a bit wider than what I used last year. And I remember feeling like I was going through a jungle to get to the water spicket last year.

Thus my project from Sunday:
  • Remove old crumbling rocks that lead to the spicket.
  • Dig up surrounding plants that will eventually grow to cover said spicket.
  • Replace old rocks with wider paving stones.
  • Put in new water hose and container.
  • Fill in holes with wood chips.

I think the finished product looks pretty good. We'll see if I need to thin back the plants even more. The one in the back on the left (I think it's a tall phlox) will need to be moved most likely.

This took a lot longer than anticipated as every time I went to plant the starts that I had just dug up, I ran into another task (generally weeding) that needed to be done before planting.


Laura said...

Looks good! Can you come and do that at my house???? ;)

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I think that's just what I need, I have a very ugly hose reel thing. Thanks for a great idea :) That looks very nice!

KayGee said...

Laura -- hah! I'd love to? I think you might be a bit far away for an afternoon visit though. :)

Catherine -- yes, this is a huge improvement to what I used last year. This has an "auto-roller-thingy" (yes that is the technical term) which makes winding up 150 feet of hose a very easy process.

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