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Monday, September 15, 2008

Bloom Day -- September 2008

Well, there are a few flowers the high winds didn't destroy yesterday. The elephant ears look like they've been pelted by a B.B. gun and the black-eyed Susans are partially horizontal. I had 3 good size (~12'-15') fall out of the sugar gum tree. Thankfully it didn't fall on the house and only damaged some of a butterfly bush and ripped my patio table umbrella.

Now for the blooms!

This little bee is getting his fill of pollen from the golden rod.

Some of the hostas continue to bloom through September.

The Japanese anemone does as well.
I'm assuming this is some sort of morning glory. It is a bright blue with purple stripes. At first I thought it was from the clematis that grows close by.
The tall phlox continues to bloom and be incredibly beautiful and fragrant just outside the back door.

The mums are blooming on the front steps, the hanging baskets of petunias and geraniums continue to add color to the front of the house.


Gail said...
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Gail said...

I removed my comment 'cause I wanted to say it better! You have beautiful blooms and I imagine your butterfly are all over them. Don't laugh at this but I recently read that butterflies are scared off when any shadow crosses them...I guess they think it is a predator looking for we should approach them so our shadow doesn't fall on them. Now I tried it and it works.


Carol said...

Yes, your vining flower is a morning glory. It's very pretty as are all your blooms.

Happy to hear your garden was spared a lot of damage from yesterday's winds. Same here!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day,
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I wonder if your Morning Glory isn't 'Grandpa Ott,' an old variety. You'll probably have lots more of them next year, as they do seed about. I'm glad your Anemones & Phlox didn't get blown apart in that mighty wind.