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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Raspberries and the Battle de la thistle, Part Un...

When I was watering the veggies last night, I noticed bright red spots---RASPBERRIES! Let the feast begin. I am so excited. I picked a few and almost finished the bowl before I got inside to share them.

Tonight I'm bringing out the thick leather gloves and a long sleeved tee to get as many as possible before the birds and rabbits figure it out.

The thistle behind the raspberries are officially taller than me. It's time to say "Au revoir!" to this monstrosity.

UPDATE: Battle de la Thistle, Part Un:

The enemy was taller than me. He was prickly and irreverent to my pleas to leave the raspberry patch. His roots were ingrained deep into the earth. He wasn't leaving without a fight.

I approached, took a deep breath and charged at the thistle. My leather gloves as my weapon, I uprooted them one by one. There were some injuries on my side: a few of the brambles were blindsided by my hand and got tied up in the duel.

Hours later, my brow was furled it was over and the heap of no-good weeds lies by the vegetable bed to prove my success. Soon they will be laid to rest in the compost pile or the fire pit.

I was pleased that we'd won the first battle and was kindly rewarded with a bowl of berries. But know this is one of many battles I'll have with the thistle. Ne'er will I let them grow as tall or strong as they had during "The Great Weeding Lapse of '08."

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