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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Bloom Day I missed

I was on the road to Houston for work on the 15th and as it turns out my computer is out of hard drive space. So I am pretty late for Bloom Day. But here are my pictures anyway:
Columbine--I have a couple of these in the yard, but this one is the best. Each year, I collect seeds, but I haven't been successful to grow them from seed.

Wood Hyacinth--this is the first time these have bloomed (since I moved them Fall 2005) and they are beautiful.

Lilly of the Valley--this is the only one I have. I think my aunt gave it to me a few years ago thinking that it was a hosta. I think it's great now that it's bloomed. Hopefully it will spread.

Allium (I think this one is "Purple Sensation") --I planted 5 of these but only 4 grew a stalk with blooms. But I think they are really cool. I've seen tons of them in gardens in my neighborhood.

Those are the majority of what is blooming. The strawberries have some flowers (berries coming soon!). I also have some sort of summer bulb that is blooming a light purple flower. The foliage indicates some sort of ornamental onion.

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Daphne said...

I love columbines too. I've never tried starting them from seed. I just let them go to seed after they flower and I get volunteers scattered around.